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A Singapore based company specializing in high-end wall decorations.


is a coloured, decorative, vapour permeable, lime putty based coat- ing for interiors and exteriors... MORE

Travertino Romano

TRAVERTINO ROMANO by OIKOS is a special decorative coating, for interiors and exteriors ... MORE


OTTOCENTO by OIKOS is a vapour permeable coating that thanks to its formulation, based on resins in water dispersion and special metallic pigments... MORE

Raffaello decor stucco

RAFFAELLO DÉCOR STUCCO is so called “marble effect “wall coating based on lime putty, and is ideal for recreating an ancient style of decoration... MORE


AUREUM by OIKOS is a decorative finish with a golden tone created using lime putty and golden powders with a low environmental impact... MORE

Imperium Paint

IMPERIUM by OIKOS is a metallic, decorative finish for interiors with a low environmental impact... MORE

Kreos Palas

KREOS by OIKOS is an interior decorative plaster based on acrylic resins in water dispersion and selected fillers... MORE

Great Fun Facts

Some great facts about our firm and business
  • Projects 187
  • Happy clients 321
  • Painted walls 2579
  • Percent of Success 100

Sibu Laminates

Sibu design -The exclusive interior design surfaces .

Sibu Laminates

sheets are easy to use and Comes with 3 types of application  non-adhesive, self-adhesive and Magnetic backing.

SIBU DESIGN presents a wide product portfolio with more than 300 storing designs divided in 8 product groups which vary from leather surfaces, mirrors, solid metal, brushed metal, metallic mirror, wood, punched flexible mosaic patterns and structured design sheets to perforated patterned sheets with 3D effect.

SIBU DESIGN is a leading producer of top quality, polystyrene design sheets that have been specially developed for applications such as;

  • Interior
  • Shop concept
  • Fashion
  • Store Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Display
  • Exhibition Design
  • Trade Expo
  • Bar Fronts
  • Retail Shelving
  • Ceilings
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Reception Desks
  • Furniture
  • Doors – Cabinet
  • Theatre & Set Design
  • Doors – Commercial
  • Costume Design


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About us

Wall Studio Pte Ltd

is a Singapore based company specializing in high-end wall decorations like Sibu Design laminate and Oikos paint for last 10 years.

Very unique Italian manufacturing company, which is one of the best water-based, eco-friendly ,green label decorative products in the world. We specialize in Venation Plasters, Stucco Polish  Plasters, Velvet Pearl finish, Silk  finish , Marble finish and Stone finish. We having formal distribution in all 5 continents. Our products can be used for

·      Interior design

·      Exterior design

·      Residential

·      Hotel

·      Commercial project .


Wall studio is the exclusive distributor for Sibu Design Laminate from Austria.


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