Special Paint

MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS is a coloured, decorative, vapour permeable, lime putty based coat- ing for interiors and exteriors. The product allows the quick and easy realisation of a beautiful decorative finish similar to that commonly known as “marmorino”. The thickess of MARMORINO NATURALE makes it possible to decorate whilst at the same time covering small imperfections, thus saving on the cost of screeding the surface. The product creates a stable link with the surface, preserving the vapour permeabil- ity of the whole wall structure. The product also impedes the development of moulds and bacterial colon- ies. The product can give a matt finish or can be polished with FINITURA AUTOLUCIDANTE by OIKOS. MARMORINO NATURALE has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

Marmora Romana Catalogue

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